Wednesday, May 28, 2014


On Monday, I was out taking a run. At one point, the trail that I was running alongside the bay had a lot of rocks in it and I stumbled on one of them. In order to avoid doing a face plant, I turned to the side and hit the ground full impact on my right shoulder. The pain was pretty excruciating and I knew right away that I had done some serious damage. Eileen took me to the emergency room where they did x-rays and determined that I had fractured my collarbone at the point where it attaches to the shoulder blade. The upshot is that I am going to have surgery on Friday at 10 AM to repair the damage. They are going to have to put a plate in, with screws, as stage one of the process. Then, three months later, I have to go in for another minor surgery to have the plate removed. All in all, it is a real downer. Fortunately, they have prescribed adequate amounts of Percocet pending the surgery and we already have a post-surgery prescription for loads more Percocet.

Because I am in a sling right now, I have resurrected my Dragon speech recognition software and am dictating this post. I will continue to use the software to keep you up to date and to post items as I would normally do.


JIm said...

That does not sound like a lot of fun. I wish you a speedy recovery. Hopefully, you will he healed in time for next ski season.

Stallion said...

Tom, very sorry to hear of your accident. I hope everything went well so far.
I fell on my face a few times in the last year. Rolling was an option I thought of but couldn't execute fast enough.